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Our tutors: Andrew and Priya have been working together for the past 9 years. They both have extensive classroom experience in managing different groups and adjusting instruction to meet the needs of a wide variety of learning styles. They also have coached students in developing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills for various National level Math competitions. This provides students with an extensive set of tools that they can utilize to find strategies that best suit their individual learning style.

Andrew Loomis: I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Fort Lewis College and am working on my 6th year teaching in the classroom. I love challenging students preconceived notions about math. It is not something you are inherently good or bad at but something that can be mastered and enjoyed by all. My goal is to show students a wider variety of problem-solving strategies so that they can choose the methods that best suit their individual learning style. The more strategies they possess the better chance they have at implementing any number of them to successfully solve any problem they encounter!

Priya Nair: I am a certified Biochemist with over 10 years of experience in Research and Development. I feel very fortunate to have entered the field of education by chance and would not trade this experience. I have worked closely with students for who Math has been challenging and have helped them overcome their apprehension about approaching the subject. My teaching philosophy has been to approach each of my students as my own child and see what I would have done to help.

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