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My children look forward to their tutoring sessions with Ms. Priya every week, even after a long day of school.  She is skilled at creating challenges for my son who is advanced in math, and provides expertise, patience, and enthusiasm for my daughter who struggles with confidence in her math skills.  She has a remarkable ability to inspire, engage, and empower her students.  Catherine B.

Mrs.Priya  is such a great teacher, she has helped me improve so much in math and she has helped me love math again. When I was little, I did not like math at all and I was always too scared to ask any of my teachers questions. When I started going to Priya aunty's class, I started loving math during every class I had with her. She is such a compassionate teacher and she truly cares about every student she teaches. She will find a way to make sure that I have understood every topic and make sure that all my questions are answered, and she always explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. She is a great teacher, and I look forward to her classes every week. - Uma. N

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